How to Measure Fuel Consumption

  • Fill the petrol in the fuel tank until gas vapors can be seen in the fuel inlet pipe.
  • Once the gas vapors can be seen in the fuel inlet pipe wait for about 20~30 seconds and if possible wait for more than a minute for more accurate calculation.
  • Do not shake the vehicle’s body.
  • As soon as the gas vapors sinks add more petrol till the gas surface is visible once again.
  • Initialize the trip meter to zero at the petrol pump.
  • Drive the vehicle till the fuel gauge needle reaches the ‘E’ Position. Ensure that no petrol has been added in between.
  • Repeat steps 1-4 again.
  • Read the petrol quantity from the pump.
  • Read the mileage from the trip meter.
  • Calculate the fuel consumption. (Trip meter mileage – Petrol quantity)
  • After calculating the fuel consumption, once again initialize the trip meter to zero.
  • Repeat the above procedure at least 5~6 times.
  • Calculate the average fuel consumption.