Regular maintenance is essential

We urge you to protect your new vehicle by having your Toyota serviced according to the maintenance schedule given below:

  • Good fuel economy
  • Long vehicle life
  • Driving enjoyment
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Warranty coverage
  • Compliance with government regulations

Your Toyota has been designed for economical driving and economical maintenance. Many formerly required maintenance items are no longer required or are not required as often. To make sure your vehicle runs at peak efficiency, follow the maintenance schedule.

Where to go for service?

It makes good sense to take your vehicle to your local Toyota dealer for service. Toyota technicians are well-trained specialists. And they are receiving the latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips, and in-dealership training programs. They learn to work on Toyota before they work on your vehicle, rather than while they are working on it. Doesn’t that seem like the best way?

Your Toyota dealer has invested a lot of money in special Toyota tools and service equipment’s. It helps do the job better and at less cost.

Your Toyota dealer’s service department will perform all of the scheduled maintenance on your vehicle reliable and economical.

What about do-it-yourself maintenance?

Many of the maintenance items are easy to do yourself if you have a little mechanical ability and a few basic automotive tools.

Note: However that some maintenance tasks require special tools and skills. These are best performed by qualified technicians. Even if you are experienced do-it-yourself mechanic, we recommend that repairs and maintenance be conducted by Toyota dealer who will keep a record of maintenance on your Toyota. This record could be helpful should you ever require Warranty Service.